The Church of England General Synod
List of Members for the Quinquennium 2005-2010

General Synod was dissolved at the end of the July 2010 meeting of Synod, and this list shows the membership at that time.

The names of members who leave the Synod are struck through.
Peter Owen, Liverpool, UK

Last updated 10 February 2010 using a list dated February 2010
and on 10 July 2010 to update name of the Second Church Estates Commissioner
and on 30 July 2010 using names in the July synod voting lists


House of Bishops

Diocesan Bishops
    (ex officio)

1 Archbishop of Canterbury (The Most Revd & Rt Hon Rowan Williams)
2 Archbishop of York (The Most Revd & Rt Hon John Sentamu)
3 Bishop of London (The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Richard Chartres)
4 Bishop of Durham (The Rt Revd Tom Wright)
5 Bishop of Winchester (The Rt Revd Michael Scott-Joynt)
6 Bishop of Bath & Wells (The Rt Revd Peter Price)
7 Bishop of Birmingham (The Rt Revd David Urquhart)
8 Bishop of Blackburn (The Rt Revd Nicholas Reade)
9 Bishop of Bradford (The Rt Revd David James)
10 Bishop of Bristol (The Rt Revd Michael Hill)
11 Bishop of Carlisle (The Rt Revd Graham Dow James Newcome )
12 Bishop of Chelmsford (The Rt Revd John Gladwin)

13 Bishop of Chester (The Rt Revd Peter Forster)
14 Bishop of Chichester (The Rt Revd John Hind)
15 Bishop of Coventry (The Rt Revd Colin Bennetts Christopher Cocksworth)
16 Bishop of Derby (The Rt Revd Alastair Redfern)
17 Bishop of Ely (The Rt Revd Anthony Russell)
18 Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe (The Rt Revd Geoffrey Rowell)
19 Bishop of Exeter (The Rt Revd Michael Langrish)
20 Bishop of Gloucester (The Rt Revd Michael Perham)
21 Bishop of Guildford (The Rt Revd Christopher Hill)
22 Bishop of Hereford (The Rt Revd Anthony Priddis)
23 Bishop of Leicester (The Rt Revd Timothy Stevens)
24 Bishop of Lichfield (The Rt Revd Jonathan Gledhill)
25 Bishop of Lincoln (The Rt Revd John Saxbee)
26 Bishop of Liverpool (The Rt Revd James Jones)
27 Bishop of Manchester (The Rt Revd Nigel McCulloch)
28 Bishop of Newcastle (The Rt Revd Martin Wharton)
29 Bishop of Norwich (The Rt Revd Graham James)
30 Bishop of Oxford (The Rt Revd Richard Harries John Pritchard)
31 Bishop of Peterborough (The Rt Revd Ian Cundy Donald Allister)
32 Bishop of Portsmouth (The Rt Revd Kenneth Stevenson Christopher Foster)
33 Bishop of Ripon & Leeds (The Rt Revd John Packer)
34 Bishop of Rochester (The Rt Revd Michael Nazir-Ali)
35 Bishop of St Albans (The Rt Revd Christopher Herbert Alan Smith)
36 Bishop of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich (The Rt Revd Richard Lewis Nigel Stock)
37 Bishop of Salisbury (The Rt Revd David Stancliffe)
38 Bishop of Sheffield (The Rt Revd John Nicholls Steven Croft)
39 Bishop of Sodor & Man (The Rt Revd Graeme Knowles Robert Patterson)
40 Bishop of Southwark (The Rt Revd Thomas Butler)
41 Bishop of Southwell (The Rt Revd George Cassidy Paul Butler )
42 Bishop of Truro (The Rt Revd William Ind Timothy Thornton)
43 Bishop of Wakefield (The Rt Revd Stephen Platten)
44 Bishop of Worcester (The Rt Revd Peter Selby John Inge)

ex officio 45 Bishop of Dover (Rt Revd Stephen Venner) The Rt Revd Trevor Willmott

Suffragan Bishops

46 Bishop of Basingstoke (The Rt Revd Trevor Willmott)
47 Bishop of Dorking (The Rt Revd Ian Brackley)
48 Bishop of Dudley (The Rt Revd David Walker)
49 Bishop of Willesden (The Rt Revd Pete Broadbent)

Suffragan Bishops

51 Bishop of Beverley (The Rt Revd Martyn Jarrett)
52 Bishop of Hulme (The Rt Revd Stephen Lowe)
    Bishop of Hull (The Rt Revd Richard Frith)
53 Bishop of Stockport (The Rt Revd Nigel Stock)
    Bishop of Burnley (The Rt Revd John Goddard)
Bishop to the Forces 50 Rt Revd David Connor



House of Clergy

House of Laity

Deans (Canterbury)

54 The Very Revd Vivienne Faull (Leicester)
55 The Very Revd Colin Slee (Southwark)

56 The Very Revd Robert Willis (Canterbury)


Deans (York)

57 The Very Revd George Nairn-Briggs (Wakefield)
    The Very Revd Rogers Govender (Manchester)
58 The Very Revd Michael Sadgrove (Durham)

Chaplain General of Prisons 59 The Ven William Noblett  

Forces Synodical Council

60 The Ven John Green
61 The Ven Ray Pentland
62 The Ven Stephen Robbins
247 Sgt Fran Hall
248 Brigr Patrick Marriott CBE
249 Lt Cdr Philippa Sargent

Bath & Wells

64 The Revd Paul Langham
65 The Revd Jonathan LLoyd
    The Ven Andy Piggott
66 The Revd Stephen Lynas
67 The Revd Colin Randall
251 Col Edward Armitstead
252 Mr Tim Hind
253 Mr Peter LeRoy
254 Mt Richard Moon
255 Preb Diana Taylor
256 Miss Fay Wilson-Rudd


68 The Revd Canon John Hughes
69 The Ven Hayward Osborne
70 (The Revd Canon Angela Weaver)
    The Revd Peter French

257 Dr Paula Gooder
258 Dr Rachel Jepson
259 Canon Dr Terry Slater


71 The Ven Peter Ballard
72 The Revd Paul Benfield
73 (The Revd Simon Bessant)
    The Revd Canon John Hall
74 (The Revd Dr James Garrard)
    The Revd Canon Dr Simon Cox
260 Mr Joseph Brookfield
261 Mr Gerald Burrows
262 Mr Timothy Cox
263 Mrs Vivienne Goddard
264 Prof Helen Leathard
265 Mrs Alison Wynne


75 The Revd Paul Ayers
76 The Revd Dr John Hartley
77 The Revd Ruth Yeoman

266 Ms Sallie Bassham
267 Mrs Janet Bower
268 Mrs Zahida Mallard


78 The Ven Alan Hawker
79 The Revd Canon Douglas Holt
80 The Rev Dr Paul Roberts
    The Revd Canon Mark Pilgrim
269 Mrs Kim Curle
270 Prof Glynn Harrison
271 Ms Jacky Humphreys


81 The Revd Canon Gill Calver
82 The Ven Philip Down
83 (The Revd Canon Karen Gorham)
    The Revd Simon Tillotson
84 The Revd Canon Mark Roberts
272 Mrs Naomi Lumutenga
273 Mrs Caroline Spencer
274 Mrs Margaret Tilley


85 The Ven George Howe
86 (The Revd Canon Peter Mann)
    The Revd Ferial Etherington
87 (The Revd Colin Randall)
    The Revd Canon Nigel Davies

275 Miss Jenny Bate
276 Mr Michael Bonner
277 Mr Nigel Holmes
278 Mr David Mills MBE


88 The Ven Annette Cooper
89 The Revd John Dunnett
90 The Revd Brian Lewis
91 (The Revd David Parrott)
    The Revd Jennifer Tomlinson
92 The Revd David Waller
93 The Revd Canon Martin Webster

279 Canon Dr Susan Atkin
280 Mr Robert Hammond
281 (Dr Julian Litten)
    Mr Philip Ivey-Ray
282 Canon Harry Marsh
283 Mr David Morgan
284 Mr Gordon Simmonds
285 Mr Robin Stevens


94 (The Ven Donald Allister)
    The Revd Alison Cox
95 The Revd Canon David Felix
96 (The Revd Canon Dr Judy Hunt)
    Revd Jonathan Gibbs
97 The Revd Rob Munro
98 (The Revd Marc Wolverson)

286 Prof Tony Berry
287 Canon Dr David Blackmore
288 Dr Graham Campbell
289 Mrs Jenny Dunlop
290 Mr John Freeman
291 Mrs Lois Haslam
292 Mr Kenneth Hill
293 Mr John Scrivener


99 The Revd Canon Hugh Atherstone
100 The Revd Ian Chandler
101 The Revd Alastair Cutting
102 (The Revd Canon John Ford)
    (The Revd James Houghton)
    The Revd Robin Farrow
103 The Ven Douglas McKittrick
104 The Revd Canon Mark Payne
294 Mr John Ashwin
295 Mrs Lorna Ashworth
296 Mr John Booth
297 Mr Kevin Carey
298 Mrs Mary Nagel
299 Mr John Pope
300 Mr Michael Streeter
301 Mr Jacob Vince


105 The Revd Mark Bratton
106 (The Ven Mark Bryant)
    The Revd Mark Beach
107 (The Revd Elizabeth Dyke)
    The Revd Dr Vaughn Roberts
302 Mrs Kay Dyer
303 Mr Ian O'Hara
304 Dr David Tweedie


108 The Revd Dr John Davies
109 The Revd Canon Ian Gooding
110 The Revd Katie Tupling

305 Mrs Madeleine Goddard
306 Mrs Christine McMullen
307 Mr Steve Mitchell


111 The Revd Sheila Bamber
112 The Revd Graeme Buttery
113 The Revd Dr Meg Gilley
114 The Ven Ian Jagger
308 Mrs Janet Atkinson
309 Ms Dana Delap
310 Dr Jamie Harrison
311 Sister Anne Williams CA


115 The Ven John Beer
116 The Revd Canon Dr Alan Hargrave
117 The Revd Rhiannon Jones
312 Mrs Gill Ambrose
313 Dr Peter Harland
314 Dr Elaine Storkey


118 The Revd Canon Jonathan Boardman
119 The Revd Canon Debbie Flach
315 Dr Roger Fry CBE
316 Canon Ann Turner


120 (The Revd Nicola Milford)
    The Revd Caroline Ralph
121 The Revd Preb Sam Philpott
122 The Revd Roderick Thomas
123 The Revd Canon Carl Turner
124 The Ven Anthony Wilds
317 Mrs Anneliese Barrell
318 (Mrs Debbie Body)
    Dr John Shelley
319 Miss Emma Forward
320 Mr Ian Kent
321 Mrs Shirley-Ann Williams


125 (The Revd Canon Guy Bridgewater)
    The Revd Andrew Dow
126 The Revd David Primrose
127 (The Ven Geoffrey Sidaway)
    The Revd Canon Celia Thomson
322 Canon Nigel Chetwood
323 Mr Bill Sargison
324 Mr Graham Smith


128 (The Revd Canon John Ashe)
    The Revd Canon Jonathan Frost
129 The Revd Robert Cotton
130 The Ven Julian Henderson
131 (The Revd Jolyon Trickey)
    The Revd Philip Plyming
325 Canon Peter Bruinvels
326 Mr Keith Malcouronne
327 Mrs Anne Martin
328 Ms Helen Morgan


132 The Ven Malcolm Colmer
133 The Revd Preb Kay Garlick
134 (The Revd Mary-Lou Toop)
    The Revd Preb Brian Chave

329 Dr John Dinnen
330 Dr Martin Elcock
331 Mrs Rosemary Lording


135 The Ven Richard Atkinson
136 The Revd Peter Hobson
137 (The Revd Canon Jim Wellington)
    The Revd John Plant
332 Mr Stephen Barney
333 Mr John Freeman
334 (Mr John Higginbotham)
    Mr Alan Fletcher


138 The Revd Paul Farthing
139 (The Revd Mary Gilbert)
    The Revd Mark Thomas
140 The Ven John Hall
141 The Revd Maureen Hobbs
142 The Revd Mark Ireland
143 The Revd Richard Moy
335 Mr David Beswick
336 Mr John Clark
337 Mrs Wendy Kinson
338 Mrs Joanna Monckton
339 Mr William Nicholls
340 Dr Chik Kaw Tan
341 Mr John Wilson


144 (The Ven Arthur Hawes)
    The Revd Canon Tim Barker
145 The Revd Canon Chris Lilley
146 (The Revd Geraldine Pond)
    (The Revd Canon John Rees)
    The Revd John Patrick
342 Miss Rachel Beck
343 Miss Cynthia Bunch
344 Mrs Sue Slater
345 Mrs Carol Ticehurst


147 The Ven Peter Bradley
148 The Revd Canon Cynthia Dowdle
149 The Revd Canon Pete Spiers
150 The Revd Dr Tim Stratford

346 Mr Paul Hancock
347 Mr Allan Jones
348 Canon Linda Jones
349 Mr Chris Pye
350 Mrs Margaret Swinson


151 The Revd Preb Philippa Boardman
152 The Revd Preb John Brownsell
153 The Revd Philip Chester
154 The Revd Jonathan Clark
155 The Revd Stephen Coles
156 (The Revd John Cook)
    The Revd Alan Moses
157 The Revd Preb David Houlding
158 The Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin
159 (The Revd Canon Martin Warner)
160 (The Revd Andrew Watson)
    The Revd Charles Marnham

351 Ms Susan Cooper
352 Mrs Sarah Finch
353 Mrs Rosalind O'Dowd
354 Mr Aiden Hargreaves-Smith
355 Mrs Mary Johnston
356 Mrs Elnora Mann
357 Mrs Alison Ruoff
358 Mr Clive Scowen
359 Mr John Ward


161 (The Revd Canon Michael Ainsworth)
    The Ven Dr John Applegate
162 (The Revd Hilary Barber)
    The Revd William Raines
163 The Revd Canon Nicholas Feist
164 The Revd David Griffiths
165 The Revd Canon Simon Killwick
166 The Revd Canon Alma Servant
167 The Ven Cherry Vann
360 (Mr Simon Butterworth)
    Mrs Christine Sandiford
361 Dr Peter Capon
362 Canon Alan Cooper
363 (Mr Philip Gore)
    Ms Michelle Sulkey
364 Mr Geoffrey Tattersall QC
365 Mr Roy Walker


168 The Revd Adrian Hughes
169 The Revd Canon Michael Webb
170 The Revd Dr Dagmar Winter

366 Dr John Bull
367 Canon Tony Garland
368 (Mr Frank Knaggs)
    Miss Carol Wolstenholme


171 The Revd Stephen Betts
172 The Revd Canon Jeremy Haselock
173 The Ven David Hayden
174 The Revd Jan MacFarlane
369 Mr Robin Back
370 Mrs Sue Johns
371 Dr Christopher Smith


175 The Revd Moira Astin
176 The Revd Jonathan Baker
177 (The Revd Mary Bide)
    The Revd John Wynburne
178 The Revd Canon Susan Booys
179 The Revd John Chorlton
180 The Revd Canon Tim Dakin
181 The Revd Hugh Lee
182 The Ven Norman Russell
183 The Revd Canon Dr Chris Sugden
372 Mr Thomas Benyon
373 Mr Justin Brett
374 Miss Prudence Dailey
375 Dr Philip Giddings
376 Mr John Hanks
377 Mr Brian Newey
378 Mr Gavin Oldham
379 Dr Anna Thomas-Betts


184 The Ven Christine Allsopp
185 The Revd Canon David Bird
186 The Revd Stephen Trott
380 Mrs Gill Morrison
381 Mr Andrew Presland
382 Mrs Anne Toms


187 The Ven Peter Hancock
188 The Revd Canon David Isaac
189 The Revd Canon Bob White
383 (Miss Anne Ashton)
    Mrs Lucy Docherty
384 Mrs Sue Rodgers
385 Mrs Debbie Sutton

Ripon & Leeds

190 (The Revd Canon Penny Driver)
    (The Revd Brunel James)
    The Ven Peter Burrows
191 The Revd Canon Kathryn Fitzsimmons
192 (The Revd Mark Sowerby)
    The Revd Johannes Arens
386 Mrs Katherine Carr
387 Mr Nigel Greenwood
388 Mrs Ruth Whitworth


193 The Revd Canon Nicholas Kerr
194 The Revd Angus MacLeay
195 The Ven Clive Mansell
196 The Revd Canon Gordon Oliver
389 Mr Jim Cheeseman
390 Mr Philip French
391 Mr Gerald O'Brien
392 (Dr Yvonne Warren)
    Brig Ian Dobbie

St Albans

197 The Revd Dr Peter Ackroyd
198 The Revd Jeremy Crocker
199 (The Revd Dr Joan Crossley)
    The Revd Dr Joanna Spreadbury
200 The Revd Richard Hibbert
201 The Ven Trevor Jones
202 The Revd Canon Stephen Lake
393 Mr Anthony Archer
394 Mr Simon Baynes
395 Mr Philip Lovegrove
396 Canon Philip McDonough
397 Mrs Christina Rees
398 (Mr David Warner)
    Mr Philip Brown

St Edmundsbury & Ipswich

203 The Revd Jonathan Alderton-Ford
204 (The Ven Geoffrey Arrand)
    The Revd Tony Redman
205 (The Revd Canon Peter Townley)
    The Revd Max Osborne
399 Mr Timothy Allen
400 Mrs Margaret Condick
401 Canon Peter Smith
402 Mrs Catherine Wiltshire


206 The Revd Maureen Allchin
207 The Revd Canon Mark Bonney
208 The Revd Canon Nigel LLoyd
209 (The Ven Alistair Magowan)
    The Revd Richard Franklin
210 The Revd Chris Strain
403 (Mrs Kathleen Ben Rabha)
    Mr Michael Burbeck
404 Mr Paul Boyd-Lee
405 Mr James Humphery
406 Mr David Jones
407 Mr Robert Key
408 Mr Hugh Privett


211 The Revd Geoffrey Harbord
212 (The Revd Matthew Porter)
    The Revd Jeffrey Stokoe
213 (The Revd Canon Jane Sinclair)
    The Revd Canon Simon Bessant
214 (The Revd Michael Wagstaff)
    The Revd Lydia Wells
409 Dr Jackie Butcher
410 Canon Elizabeth Paver
411 Mr Jonathan Redden

Sodor & Man

215 (The Revd Ernest Pettengell)
    (The Revd Canon David Green)
412 Mrs Jacqueline Frear


216 The Revd Simon Butler
217 The Revd Paul Collier
218 (The Revd Dr Giles Fraser)
    The Revd Canon Giles Goddard
219 The Ven Christine Hardman
220 The Revd Canon Andrew Nunn
221 The Revd Paul Perkin
222 The Revd Canon Anne Stevens
413 Mrs April Alexander
414 Mr Barry Barnes
415 Miss Vasantha Gnanadoss
416 Mr Adrian Greenwood
417 Mr Peter Haddock
418 Ms Kathryn Campion-Spall
419 Mr Tom Sutcliffe

Southwell & Nottingham

223 The Ven Nigel Peyton
224 The Revd Canon Professor Anthony Thiselton
225 The Revd Canon Tony Walker
226 The Revd Ruth Worsley
420 Canon Dr Christina Baxter CBE
421 Mr Nick Harding
422 Mr Colin Slater MBE


227 The Revd Alan Bashforth
228 The Ven Roger Bush
229 The Revd Canon David Miller
423 Mr Terence Musson
424 Mrs Penny Stranack
425 Gp Capt Paul Terrett


230 The Revd Canon Mark Davies
    The Revd Canon Ian Gaskell
231 (The Ven Jonathan Greener)
    The Ven Robert Freeman
232 (The Revd Canon Susan Penfold)
    The Revd Robert Cooper

426 Mr David Ashton
427 His Honour Judge John Bullimore
428 Mrs Mary Judkins
429 Dr Edmund Marshall


233 The Revd Sarah Chapman
234 The Ven Adrian Harbidge
235 The Revd Canon Michael Harley
236 The Revd Canon Clive Hawkins
430 Mr John Davies
431 (Mr Paul Eddy)
    Miss Priscilla Hungerford
432 Dr Peter May
433 Mr Rupert Shelley
434 (Mrs Angela Southern)
    Dr Brian Walker

   Channel Islands

237 The Very Revd Paul Mellor
(The Dean of Guernsey)

435 Mrs Jane Bisson
436 Mr David Robilliard


238 The Revd Canon Nick Barker
    The Revd Stuart Currie
239 The Revd Canon Jane Fraser
240 (The Ven Joy Tetley)
    The Revd Eva McIntyre
437 Canon Professor Michael Clarke
438 Mr David Hawkins
439 Mr Robin Lunn


241 (Revd Canon David Bailey)
    The Revd Andrew Howard
242 (Revd Gill Henwood)
    The Revd Ruth Hind
243 (Revd Canon Cathy Rowling)
    The Revd Canon Jeremy Fletcher
244 Ven Richard Seed
245 Revd Canon Suzanne Sheriff
246 Revd Canon Glyn Webster
440 Ms Linda Ali
441 Mr Martin Dales
442 Mrs Jenny Reid
443 (Mr Ian Smith)
444 Mr Roy Thompson
445 Canon Stella Vernon


446 (The Revd Canon Professor Oliver O'Donovan)
    (The Revd Canon Prof Marilyn McCord Adams)
    The Revd Prod John Barton
    (Oxford University)
447 The Revd Duncan Dormor
    (Cambridge University)
448 The Revd Prof Richard Burridge
    (University of London)
449 The Revd Canon Dr Gavin Ashenden
    (other Southern Universities)


450 (The Revd Canon Charles Read)
    The Revd Miranda Threlfall-Holmes

(Durham & Newcastle)
451 The Revd Dr Kevin Ward
    (other Northern Universities)


Religious Communities

452 Revd Sister Rosemary CHN
455 The Revd Thomas Seville CR
453 (Sr Elizabeth Anne CSMV)
    Br Desmond Alban SSF
454 Sr Anita OHP

Ex Officio


456 Dean of the Arches & Auditor
    (The Rt Worshipful Dr Sheila Cameron QC)
    The Rt Worshipful Charles George QC
457 Vicar-General of Canterbury
    Chancellor Timothy Briden
458 Vicar-General of York
    (His Honour Thomas Coningsby)
    His Honour Judge Peter Collier
459 First Church Estates Commissioner
    Mr Andreas Whittam Smith
460 Second Church Estates Commissioner
    Tony Baldry MP
461 Third Church Estates Commissioner
    Mr Timothy Walker
462 Chairman of the Pensions Board
    (Mr Allan Bridgewater)
    Dr Jonathan Spencer

Appointed Members of
the Archbishops' Council
    (ex officio)


463 (Mrs Katherine McPherson)
    The Revd Dr Rosalyn Murphy
464 (Mr Michael Chamberlain)
    Mr Andrew Britton
465 (Mrs Anne Sloman)
    Mrs Mary Chapman
466 Mr Mark Russell
467 (Professor Peter Toyne)
    Mr Philip Fletcher
468 Professor John Craven


Deaf Anglicans Together representatives 469 (Sister Susan Bloomfield)
    Mr Barry Higgins
470 The Revd Vera Hunt
471 Mrs Hilary Sage
Ecumenical Representatives


Black-led Churches

472 The Revd Nezlin Sterling

Baptist Union

473 The Revd Prof Paul Fiddes

Moravian Church

474 (The Revd David Newman)
    (The Revd Miss Gloria David)
    The Revd Sarah Groves

Church of Scotland

475 (The Revd Dr John McPake)
    The Revd Douglas Galbraith

Methodist Church

476 (Mr Dudley Coates)
    The Revd Dr Jane Craske

Orthodox Church

477 Very Revd Archimandrite Ephrem Lash

Roman Catholic Church

478 (The Revd Anthony Milner)
    The Revd Mgr Andrew Faley

United Reformed Church

479 (The Revd Fleur Houston)
    The Revd Graham Maskery

Church of England Youth
Council representatives

480 (Mr Tom Belshaw)
    (Miss Rebecca Swinson)
    Miss Charlotte Cook
481 (Miss Laura Pickering)
    (Mr Richard Whitmill)
    Mr Edward Keene
482 (Mr Thomas Pugh)
    (Mr Dan Leathers)
    Mr Rob Hurley

Co-opted Members 483 The Ven Brian Smith
    (Archdeacon of Man)
484 Dr Priscilla Chadwick



Secretary General William Fittall
Chief Legal Advisor and Registrar Stephen Slack
Clerk to the Synod The Revd David Williams
Standing Counsel Sir Anthony Hammond
Director of Communications Peter Crumpler
Chief Finance Officer Ian Theodoreson
Director of Human Resources Su Morgan
Director of Ministry The Ven Christopher Lowson
Head of Cathedral & Church Buildings Division Janet Gough
Chief Education Officer The Revd Janina Ainsworth
Head of Mission & Public Affairs Division The Revd Dr Malcolm Brown
Director of Libraries, ARchives and Information Services Declan Kelly
Legal Advisors The Revd Judith Egar
Adrian Iles
Synod Support Unit Alastair Callcutt
Malcolm Taylor
Central Secretariat Staff David Pertaub
Nicholas Hills
Dr Colin Podmore
Jonathan Neil-Smith
Sue Moore
Frances Arnold
Charles Beddows
Eva Sadowski
Brenda Stanley
Judith Gracias


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