Provisional Timetable

This timetable is the best estimate to date of business to be considered at the July Synod; certain items are subject to confirmation by the House of Bishops. The Synod Agenda and the Business Committee's Report will be circulated on 18 June.

The times of sessions are as follows, unless otherwise indicated:
9.30 am - 1 pm; 2.30 pm - 6.15 pm; 8.30 pm - 10 pm

Friday, 9 July 2004
8.00 pm  

Introductions, welcomes, etc (including short contribution from one of the ecumenical guests)

    Report by the Business Committee
    Dates of Groups of Sessions
    Report by the Business Committee on making Synod's procedures more effective (including electronic voting)
    Appointment of Chairs of Appointments, Business and Audit Committees
10.15 pm   Adjourn
Saturday, 10 July
9.30 am  

Prayers and Exposition of Scripture: Archbishop of York

    Legislative Business
i. Amending Canon No 26 etc: Final Drafting and Final Approval (Bridge Follow-up)
ii. Stipends (Cessation of Special Payments): Final Drafting and Final Approval
iii. Pastoral (Amendment) Measure: Revision Stage
iv. Further Miscellaneous Provisions Measure: First Consideration
v. Fees Orders
2.30 pm   Clergy Discipline (Doctrine) Report
    Marriage Law Review: interim report
    Hind follow-up issues (alternative sources of funding for married candidates)
8.30 pm   Questions
Sunday, 11 July
2.30 pm   Restorative Justice
4.00 pm*   Liturgical Business: Weekday Lectionary: Revision Stage
    Private Member's Motion: Revd Chris Lilley: Stipend Differentials
8.30 pm   Mission Agencies
Monday, 12 July
9.30 am   Prayers
    Archbishops' Council: Annual Report (deemed approval)
    Financial Business: 2005 Budget
    Mission Agencies: Pensions Contributions
    Church Commissioners' Annual Report
2.30 pm   Liturgical Commission Report: Common Worship: Initiation Services (Rites on the Way; Reconciliation and Restoration; Christian Initiation within a Vigil Service) (for commendation)
    Trade Justice
    Private Member's Motion: Mrs Kathleen Ben Rabha: Domestic Violence
8.30 pm   Europe: constitutional and ecumenical issues
Tuesday, 13 July
9.30 am   Prayers
    Liturgical Commission Report: Common Worship: Times and Seasons; Festivals (for commendation)
    Diocesan Synod Motion: Blackburn: Drug Misuse
1 pm   Prorogue

* = no later than