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Choosing diocesan bishops in the Church of England Law & Religion UK 28 July 2014


Spice up your life The Guardian (19 July 2007) letter to the editor (4th one down)


When Pluto becomes the ninth planet
[Journal of the British Astronomical Association, vol 109, number 1, 1999, pp 40-42]


Planet Earth, chapter 2 of Illustrated Encyclopedia of Astronomy (ed John Man) Chancellor Press (1996) pp 16-33


Planet Earth, in The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Astronomy (ed J Man) Gallery Books (New York) (1989)


Some simple algorithms for constrained complex and rational approximation
[Algorithms for approximation, Proc. IMA Conf., Shrivenham/Engl. 1985, Inst. Math. Appl. Conf. Ser., New Ser. 10, 357-369 (1987)]


The use of linear programming in the design of antenna patterns with prescribed nulls and other constraints
[COMPEL, volume3, pp 201-215 (1984)]


Planet Earth, chapter 5 of The Encyclopaedia of Space Travel and Astronomy (ed J Man) Octopus Books (1979) pp 80–97


Clumping of quasar redshifts and the geocentric universe
[Astrophysics and Space Science, Volume 49, Number 2 / July 1977]

Chapters 9–12 (on the Solar System) in The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Astronomy (ed S Mitton) Jonathan Cape (1977)
[also published in numerous translations and foreign editions]


The site of the helium flash revisited
The site of the helium flash revisited
[Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol 168, pp 53-54 (1974)]


The site of the helium flash
The site of the helium flash
[Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol 154, pp 59-78 (1971)]


Numerous articles in The New Space Encyclopaedia (ed M T Bizony), Artemis Press (1969)

My Qualifications

Bachelor of Science with first class honours - University of Birmingham

Doctor of Philosophy - University of Sussex
thesis - The Nitrogen and Helium Flashes
ProQuest citation U376721

Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society

Member of the Institute of Physics

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Orcid ID 0000-0003-0528-7779


Attended RGO Summer School in 1966